Monday, March 30, 2009

NEACA Show Review

A week ago was the NEACA craft show that I participated in. I think that's going to be the last show I do for a while because between being pregnant, having a closing-in-on-two-year-old, and starting my husband's chiropractic practice, we're a little busy! I'm thinking I'll wait until the Christmas craft shows, although even that may be a little crazy since I'll have a newborn. We'll see. But this was another fun show and well-worth going to. This time my booth was against a wall, which to be honest I wasn't too excited about. It was nice that I had a bunch of space behind my booth so I wasn't so closed in, but I think it looks a little bit too bare and the ends. My booth setup is better suited for a corner booth like I've had in the past, I think. What's you're opinion?

If you missed this show, or even if you didn't, pay attention for the next one. I think it's in August, or atleast around that time. There are just so many created and talented people with all kinds of products! I didn't buy anything, but I did trade for some earrings and a matching pendant that I really like. The seller is on ebay so when I remember I'll take a picture of the jewelry I got and link you to her shop. I've worn the earrings a couple of times and I really like them.

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MiniatureArtByMelonie said...

Hi, my name is Melonie King.
My blog is and my webpage is I'm interested to find out about the NEACA shows. I've shown all over in this area, but never this show. I enjoy your things and others with the VBCCC show. How are sales at these shows? Do you mind giving some insight?

Many thanks,
Melonie King