Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cutting Board

I don't know their website, but here's the cutting board that really nice couple gave to me at the craft show earlier this month.Pretty, isn't it?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Presser Foot

I joined a group blog that a couple of my friends started called Presser Foot. It's a blog for everyone to work on the same sewing project and report on their results. Right now the project is a peasant top which a couple people have already finished. Check out Presser Foot for the results so far. I just joined, so I just got my fabric today, but I'm really excited about it. It's pretty and light for the summer with a cute lace finish on the bottom. I also think the style is going to be great for my growing belly this summer. :) I'll let you know how it goes!

NEACA Show Review

A week ago was the NEACA craft show that I participated in. I think that's going to be the last show I do for a while because between being pregnant, having a closing-in-on-two-year-old, and starting my husband's chiropractic practice, we're a little busy! I'm thinking I'll wait until the Christmas craft shows, although even that may be a little crazy since I'll have a newborn. We'll see. But this was another fun show and well-worth going to. This time my booth was against a wall, which to be honest I wasn't too excited about. It was nice that I had a bunch of space behind my booth so I wasn't so closed in, but I think it looks a little bit too bare and the ends. My booth setup is better suited for a corner booth like I've had in the past, I think. What's you're opinion?

If you missed this show, or even if you didn't, pay attention for the next one. I think it's in August, or atleast around that time. There are just so many created and talented people with all kinds of products! I didn't buy anything, but I did trade for some earrings and a matching pendant that I really like. The seller is on ebay so when I remember I'll take a picture of the jewelry I got and link you to her shop. I've worn the earrings a couple of times and I really like them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

NEACA Craft Show

If you're in the area come see me at my craft show this weekend in Huntsville! It's Friday to Sunday at the VBC!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Trinity Market Place

This weekend I had a show with the Trinity Market Place. I didn't really mention it beforehand because my family and I were sick with the flu this past week. I was really just relieved that I felt well enough to set up on Thursday and then participate on Friday and Saturday. This one was a smaller show than the one I did in December and I think that people's buying was also affected by the economy. But I was still able to sell some stuff and have a successful weekend! One of the best parts of the weekend was my neighboring booth. It was the nicest couple who sold these beautiful handmade wood pieces that the husband has been making since he's been retired. Mostly they sold cutting boards, but they also had lazy susans and trivets. They were all really, really beautiful. Not only were they really nice to talk to when things got slow, but they even gave me a free cutting board and fresh corn from their garden when the show was over! I'll have to take a picture of the cutting board to put up on here and I'll find out if they have a website. They were really just the nicest people!

For this show Walter and our friend, Jared, made a stand for me to display my tutus and the hooded towels I've started making. I really liked having it. I think we're going to add one more row of pegs to the top of the shorter stand so that I can hang the knit hats there. The rest of my display was pretty much the same as last time.

In two weeks I have another craft show, the NEACA spring craft show here in Huntsville. I think I'm going to have to take a break from Huntsville craft shows for a while. I don't want to saturate the market and I already had a few people tell me they got a tutu at my craft show in December!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Items!

Today I posted two new flowers:

What do you think? You have probably noticed that I'm trying a new photo angle to show off the flowers. Those are the pictures you see first in each listing and then I do still have pictures of the full flowers. What do you think? Do you like the new flowers? Do you like the new photos?

Also, I've decided to sell the flowers and headbands separately. I've been getting the impression that some people actually just want the flower but end up getting the headband just because it comes as a part of the sale. Don't worry, it won't cost you more though because I've posted a headband listing that is only $1. It's to be purchased only when you are also buying a flower clip. If you just want the headband you still have to pay full price for that!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to AmandaSue who won the flower clips giveaway! You have an email waiting for you from me! Please respond within 24 hours to claim your prize!