Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas!

In case you haven't noticed, my shop is down for the holidays. I'm in California for my hubby's graduation from chiropractic school (way to go!!!) and then to visit family for Christmas. I'll be back the 27th. In the mean time, have a Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New tutus and headbands

Like I posted yesterday, I'm going to be adding new tutus to my shop. But first, a preview of what's to come!

Here are a few tutus that are made and ready to be shipped. It also gives you an idea of some of the colors I have available.

And not to gloat, especially on the day Auburn lost their head coach (which I think is NUTS, by the way!) but here's a cute picture of my little cheerleader. Don't mind the drool stains, she's at the end of a LONG period of teething. Molars, ug! On a better note, Roll Tide!

Finally, here are the two newest colors for headbands I'll be adding in my shop, light pink and dark pink, which look really cute with tons of flowers. But you'll have to wait on pictures of possible flower/headband combos.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Craft Fair

I know the craft fair was a week and a half ago, but we've been busy around here, thus the belated post.

Here's my booth all set up! I had it different the first day, but I think this way allowed people easier access to all the products.

Here are all the flower clips on display. My hubby made this great display board for me!

I owe a big thanks to my hubby, mom, and friends for helping before and during the craft show. I sold a ton more tutus that I thought I would so I had to restock after the first day! I never would have made it without them! I'd all but stopped selling tutus in my etsy shop, but after the success at the craft fair I'm adding more options! Very popular were the college team colors tutus! Being in the South, I sold Alabama, Auburn, and even a Florida St. tutu, but I can do any color/university you like! Variations of pinks and purples were also very popular! I'll have several listings in my shop, including the option to create your own tutu color combos. Just convo. me for a custom order. Some ideas I had are:
*Pink and green or purple and green, it reminds me of a garden fairy!
*Your favorite team's colors, your little girl will be the cutest cheerleader!
*Light blue, dark blue, and purple, it reminds me of a mermaid!
*Light green and dark green, with or without blue, think tinkerbell!
*Pink and orange, yummy sherbet!